Our Values

Who we are: An industry-leading team of recruitment consultants, career placement specialists, and dream-makers, connecting caring therapists with care communities.


Immigration can be confusing. But we’re committed to clarity. Throughout your journey, we’ll keep you updated.


We’ll provide you with the physical resources that you need, from your first test to your first day of work
— and beyond. 


Our experts are constantly looking for smarter ways to speed up immigration. The results? Better-for-you outcomes.


We expect a lot from our therapists, our immigration team, and our leadership.
That’s why our clients choose us, over and again.
Grandison is a proud member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR) and is actively working with industry partners and stakeholders to promote ethical recruitment in the healthcare sector.

Commitment to Ethical Recruitment: We stand with you.

At Grandison, we are not just changing the way we recruit; we are striving to change the industry.

We believe in a fair and transparent recruitment process that respects the rights of all individuals involved. Our guidelines strictly adhere to the principles of non-discrimination, equal opportunity, and respect for diversity. We ensure that all our candidates are informed about their rights, duties, and employment terms from the very beginning.

Our Team

Grandison's experienced staff members

You have the dream, we have the team.

Why Work Here

We have clarity.
You get confidence.

Becoming a US-licensed therapist,  obtaining the fastest visas, settling in the US: it’s a long journey, and we’ll walk you through it all.

You’re here for our clients.
We’re here for you.

Even after you are settled in the US, Grandison is there for you. We continue to provide licensing and immigration guidance, clinical support, and more.

We’ve been around
for over a decade.

Our industry experience is unparalleled. And the proof is in our people: We have Hundreds of therapists employed all over the United States.

We’ve Got You Covered

We take pride in giving our employees the best experience possible. Grandison’s unique benefit package is one of the reasons why applicants choose us.

Generous sponsorship

Enjoy support across your journey, from top-tier education and testing to Visa sponsorship, legal support, flights, and more.

Diverse placement

Grandison serves facilities and homes in NY and throughout the US, giving you new horizons and unique opportunities.

Excellent compensation

With competitive American pay, you’ll earn an hourly rate of $24-$36 and an annual rate in excess of 2.1M pesos per annum.

Comprehensive benefits

Enjoy competitive paid time off benefits, 150% overtime pay, and medical, vision, and dental insurance*. 

Easier transitions

Upon US arrival, enjoy airport pickup,  temporary free housing, and helpful guidance on getting set up and settled.

From education to employment, this transformative journey
takes time and commitment. Start your future now.

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